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Tax Preparation Services | Richmond, KY

If you desire more from tax preparation services than what you may have had in the past, you are at the right place. The story your tax returns tells is part of a much bigger financial picture. Believe it or not, beneath all the numbers and forms, your taxes tell us a lot about your financial future. In fact, your taxes are the single largest expense you’ll have in your lifetime. This burden may be reduced significantly with proper tax preparation and other tax help from a financial advisor.

We are unique as a tax and financial advisor* because we can show you the importance the tax return has on your entire financial picture. This starts by ensuring you are taking all the tax deductions the IRS allows and getting into the lowest tax bracket possible for your situation. Second, we look for future tax saving strategies and tax planning strategies. This is accomplished by an analysis of how your taxes, investment plans, and retirement goals are working together, or in many cases aren't working together.

Our goal is for you to feel like you are part of a new and different approach to tax services. Our approach is holistic and makes you feel important. We are able to offer this because of our unique experience and qualifications as a tax and financial advisor*. Some tax preparers claim to help with retirement and investment plans. In reality, they just refer you to another financial advisor because they aren't properly licensed to offer these services. Our company has been providing tax preparation and financial services to the Richmond, Kentucky, and Central Kentucky areas for more than 15 years. Contact us for more information on our tax services.

Our tax services include: 

  • Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Saving Strategies

  • IRS Help

  • Tax Problems / Back Taxes Help

  • Tax Planning with Business Retirement Plans

Watch this short video to see how our proprietary tool by HD Vest allows us to seek opportunities to provide you with a unique perspective and deliver a holistic investment opportunity.

* Investment and Financial Planning Services are offered by Tim Williams through his affiliation with HD Vest