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Intuit Link

We are happy to offer our clients a way of making their tax preparation experience more convenient. Intuit Link is is integrated with our tax software and allows us to ask questions and gather tax information from clients before they get to our office. This has several advantages. First, it allows us to work on your tax preparation before you get here, reducing the time you have to spend in our office. Second, it allows for better accuracy because we have the opportunity to review your information before your appointment .You can find out more in the video below. If you would like use this tool send us an email and we will send you an email with instructions. 

What is Intuit Link?

Intuit Link is an online portal for you and your accountant to connect and deliver tax documents to complete your tax return. No more bulky tax packets or piles of paper. 
Now you can deliver your information simply and securely online. 

Watch how to send your tax documents in five steps:

Improve your tax experience this season with Link.